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Online Video Course

Give your staff the expert guidance on dog behavior and handling so that they can take better care of the dogs, feel more confident and limit the amount of problems in the play groups. 

And position your facility above all others by showing that you get professional education and ongoing guidance to take the very best care of your customer’s dogs. 

Real World Staff Training

Staff Training Videos

Video lessons to help your staff understand canine communication and better handle the dogs in your care.

Customer On-Boarding Materials

Videos and written documents to give to your new customers explaining dog daycare and setting expectations.

Certificate and Web Badge

Separate yourself from the competition and provide social proof to your customers that you’re dedicated to their dog’s care.

Staff Training Modules Include:

VIDEO 1: How Dogs Communicate

Learning how dogs communicate as compared to us, as well as how to understand what a dog is thinking and anticipate their actions.

VIDEO 2: Dog Calming Signals

Discover the many ways that dogs show each other and us that they are feeling uncomfortable and defuse tense situations. 

VIDEO 3: Communication In Action

Watch video footage from dog daycares and dog parks with a play by play of what the dogs are communicating and what to watch out for. 

VIDEO 4: Managing Play Groups

Learn how to work with a pack of dogs so that you can keep everyone safe and manage the group, while still letting the dogs have fun and be playful.  

VIDEO 5: How NOT To Get Bitten

Discover the simple things you can do to prevent a dog bite from happening. You’ll learn the warning signs to look out for and how to alleviate conflict before it escalates.

VIDEO 6: Dog Personality Types

Get introduced to the typical kinds of dogs you’ll encounter in a daycare environment, the behavior you can expect from them and how you can best interact with them. 

VIDEO 7: Interacting with Customers

Dealing with the dog owners takes a different set of skills. Your staff will learn how to communicate properly with the customers to present themselves well and provide the right feedback.

VIDEO 8: Setting Up Success

Your staff will learn how to interact and communicate with each other to limit drama and create a great team. They will also learn how to represent your company well and setting themselves up for advancement within your organization.


Fern’s presentations are engaging, deliver tons of value and foster an environment for learning. Our team members absolutely love him. Fern has been a huge resource in the past and we look forward to working with him well into the future. 

Tim Katsch

Director of Oporations, K9 Resorts

I attended a conference that Fern presented at and it was like the skies opened up.  It was the “ah ha” moment I had been searching for. He gets it. He teaches in ways you can apply to your setting and opens your eyes to things you never would have picked up on. If you’re looking for someone to work with your team, Fern is your man. He’s THE man.​

Kristen Delea

Owner, The Metro Pooch

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