Episode 126: Do You Have a Business or a Job?

Nov 21, 2023 | Administration, Podcast

Most people who start a pet business do so with the dream of being their own boss and having the control and freedom of working for themselves. They no longer have to do what someone else tells them and now get to make the big decisions and grow the business they way they want to.

The unfortunate reality for many is that they get sucked into doing the day to day tasks of running the business, like checking in clients, cleaning, working the play groups and all the other various odd jobs that you, as the business owner, should not be doing. Soon you realize that you don’t have your own business but have actually just given yourself another job.

Today we’ll discuss how you can break this cycle and back into the business owner role so you can make time for the big picture stuff that will bring you more success, freedom and happiness.

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