Episode 137: How Perfect Pooch is Connecting with Customers

Feb 6, 2024 | Interview, Marketing, Podcast

In the episode of the Overdog podcast, Fern interviews Kelli from Perfect Pooch, a comprehensive pet care service. They discuss the successful strategies implemented at Perfect Pooch, focusing on personalized client services and staff incentives. Kelli highlights the importance of action and implementation in seeing results, sharing how proactive measures in training, customer engagement, and staff motivation have positively impacted her business.

The discussion also covers innovative programs like puppy preschool, enrichment activities tailored to specific dog breeds, and a monthly incentive plan for staff that has significantly improved workplace culture and efficiency. Perfect Pooch has enhanced its service quality and customer satisfaction through these initiatives, showcasing the potential for growth and improvement in the pet care industry. Here is the information of our guest in the episode today:


Perfect Pooch Website

Email: kelli.dodds@perfect-pooch.com

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