Why Work With Overdog, you ask?

We Like To Turn Underdogs Into OVERdogs!

We love providing the helping hand you need to help you accomplish all your goals and take your business wherever you want to go. Alone you’re limited but together there’s nothing we can’t do.

Your New Chief Marketing Officer

Fern (aka Fernando Camacho)

Fern (aka Fernando Camacho)

I have a pretty unique background that enables me to help dog daycare businesses like no one else. I first started as a dog trainer (I still have a dog training business here in New Jersey) and as I was getting educated I took a job at a few dog daycares, working in the play groups. This enabled me to see the business from the inside and understand it from the perspective on the entry level employees. 

Then, as my career grew, I started consulting with dog daycare businesses, helping them with staff training and dog management. While working with daycare owners I realized that they also needed help with marketing, which is something I had gotten very good at, having a few other online businesses. In addition to all my personal marketing experience, I also have four certifications from Digital Marketer (the premiere education company for online marketing). 

Basically, I’m a dog guy and I’m a marketing guy. Those are the two things I’m really good at, so it made perfect sense to focus my energy on helping dog businesses. And I’ll use all my resources to help your business reach the highest possible level. 

Are You A Good Fit For Our Services?

We are all about quality and not quantity so we only work with a few clients at a time. We also only work with one dog daycare in an area, so once we are actively helping a business we don’t work with any of the surrounding competitors.

There are a few things we look for when deciding on our clients:

1. You must be serious about your growth and ready to invest in your business. 

 2. You must be open minded to new ideas and trying new things. 

3. You must be willing to take the necessary action when needed. Although I do most of the heavy lifting, it’s still going to be up to you to follow up with leads and deliver to customers. 

4. Have to be providing a good service to your customers already. All the marketing in the world won’t make up for poor customer experience. 

Let’s Do This!

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